Answers to your questions about Pelee Island, and “The Island Unplugged.”

What can I bring?

  • NO to Coolers or outside alcohol. ONLY empty water bottles allowed in.
  • Yes to blankets + lawn chairs
  • NO to smoking on festival grounds
  • Yes to dogs – absolutely must be on leash.
  • NO umbrellas or shade structures that impede the view for others
  • Yes to playpens, strollers etc
  • NO to tents on the festival site (camping area is designated)

Are dogs allowed at the Music Festival?

  • Yes, dogs are allowed, but they must be leashed inside the festival grounds.

Can I bring a large sun umbrella?

  • NO large sun umbrellas are allowed on the festival grounds

Where is Pelee Island?

Pelee Island is the largest island in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, in the Province of Ontario. It is located less than 100 kilometres southeast of Windsor, Ontario. If arriving from the South, Pelee is 22 miles from Sandusky, Ohio.

What is Pelee Island’s population?

Pelee Island is home to nearly 300 permanent residents, with the population rising to around 1,500 during the summer months.

How big is Pelee Island?

Pelee Island covers 10,000 acres.

When’s the best time to come to the Island?

All seasons! Summer is the most popular season for Pelee Island, but the spring and fall are growing in popularity due to the quiet and solitude.

What is there to do on Pelee Island?

There are many things to do on Pelee Island besides attending “The Island Unplugged.” The Island is a natural place to enjoy nature, to walk on beaches, to swim or fish for walleye and bass. It is a place to explore the Island’s rich history at the museum or by touring by bicycle. It is a place for learning crafts, enjoying wine and summer theatre, and in the fall a place for hunting pheasants.

How do you travel to Pelee Island?

You can travel to Pelee Island by ferry, personal water craft, or plane. The ferry ride lasts approximately 90 minutes from the Canadian mainland and 105 minutes from Sandusky, Ohio.

How do you travel while on the Island?

Many people enjoy biking around the Island, and bikes can be rented across from the ferry docks or brought across from the mainland. Walking, personal vehicles, and taxis are also available for transportation while on the Island.

How long does it take to bike around the Island?

It takes approximately 4 hours to bike the perimeter of the Island.

Are there emergency services available on the Island?

Pelee Island has a first rate Clinic and normal OHIP air ambulance service to the nearest hospital if required.

What places are available for dining?

Pelee Island has a bakery and a variety of restaurants.

Is there a grocery store?

We have a Co-op with a selection of groceries, a Bakery that offers breads, pastries, and deli foods, and a Farmer’s Market.

”What crops are grown?

Soy beans are the most predominant crop on the Island with 4,500 acres. Other crops on the Island include wheat (1,000 acres), grapes (600 acres), and a variety of organic crops on 250 acres.

Can you drink the water?

While the majority of establishments on Pelee Island have potable water, only two sources are not approved for drinking at the present time. It is advised to consume bottled water until the advisory is removed.

Where do you stay when on the Island?

Pelee Island offers a variety of motels, bed & breakfasts, and cottage rentals. Click here for a listing of accommodations.

Why does the boat not always run?

The regular boat schedule will occasionally be interrupted by the weather, primarily due to wind speeds or direction.

Where did the armour stone around the island come from?

The stone surrounding the Island came from Island quarries. Much of the perimeter of the Island was completed in 1973.