Dave Russell and the Precious Stones

Living on a river where everyone drowns.  Dave Russell has been a full-time musician in the most economically striven cities in Canada; Windsor, Ontario, for the past decade.  Through the years he has been in numerous bands, but has always stayed true to his blue-collar, solo, singer-songwriter career as a conduit for his thoughts andContinue Reading

Max Marshall

With lyrics that explore: recipes, Greek myths, childhood memories, and Canadian folklore set to finger style acoustic guitar, Max Marshall is a unique addition to the Canadian folk music scene.  As a veteran of the Ontario circuit, Marshall has performed with the likes of Ashley MacIsaac, Al Tuck, Kelly Hoppe (of Big Sugar), Kenneth and Marion Macleod,Continue Reading

Ron Leary

Ontario-based singer/songwriter Ron Leary is a captivating performer who’s sarcastic and self-effacing tone will have you laughing boisterously one second and then wondering if you should have the next. It’s usually his voice that people talk about the most, one that’s been compared to “an old bottle of whiskey – warm, with a little biteContinue Reading

Annie Sumi

Indie-folk singer Annie Sumi spent the summer of 2015 growing her fan base, taking her sweet, soulful voice to stages big and small, and sharing a brand of musical storytelling that spans folk, roots and country-rock. One radio interviewer described this young artist as an “old soul” which truly captures her spirit— like a travelingContinue Reading

The Accidentals

Billboard’s Breakout Band at SXSW 2015; Winner of the Emerging Artist Series at Summerfest WI US Cellular Stage 2015; Winner of WYCE’s Album of the Year 2015; Winner of Red Hot Best Band MyNorth Magazine three years in a row… THIS is the band to watch. Described as, “one of the most ground-breaking musical experiencesContinue Reading


After soaking up musical experiences in Toronto, Montreal, Phoenix, Austin and New York, roaming troubadour Nudie now hangs his Gibson guitar in Charlottetown, PEI. Why so much traveling? “That’s what the world’s for” quips Nudie, whose name is a nod to Nashville’s rhinestone cowboy tailor Nudie Cohn. Nudie’s decades long performing career has landed himContinue Reading

Joey Landreth

Anchored by the bluesy wail of electric guitars, the swell of B3 organ, and the harmonized swoon of voices that were born to mesh. At first listen, you might call it Americana. Winnipeg may be thousands of miles away from the Deep South, but don’t tell Juno Award Winner Joey Landreth.  A kindred Spirit of LowellContinue Reading

The Good Lovelies

You’ve got a plan. It’s yours to make. It’s yours to break. You can own it, spin it, build it and smash it. You can write it down. You can shake it up. You can change your mind. You can burn the plan. With Burn The Plan, a long-awaited new album, Good Lovelies are bothContinue Reading