Annie Sumi

Singer Songwritter

“She tells evocative tales that almost always have a positive and uplifting message… At 21 years old, Annie Sumi might be Canada’s new folk darling.” – Grayowl Point

Indie-folk singer Annie Sumi spent the summer of 2015 growing her fan base, taking her sweet, soulful voice to stages big and small, and sharing a brand of musical storytelling that spans folk, roots and country-rock.

One radio interviewer described this young artist as an “old soul” which truly captures her spirit— like a traveling minstrel, she has a way of breathing in all the beauty of nature and the subtleties of life, and breathing out musical tales that speak in a familiar voice to those around her.

And when she strums her guitar and the words pour out, you can almost close your eyes and imagine a young Jewel or Carole King. “You really hope that people feel your songs and make a deep connection with your music,” Annie says. “When that happens, it’s magic, pure magic.”

Annie released her debut album, Reflections, in April 2015. The record charted on college radio for 10 straight weeks and a few of the album tracks earned airplay on CBC Radio One. In 2015, she was nominated as “Best Singer-Songwriter” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, and received encouraging feedback from music reviewers across Canada.

“There is a beautiful, natural lilt to Sumi’s voice and she’s capable of delivering world-weariness, deep yearning or arresting fury.” – NOW Magazine

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