Dave Russell and the Precious Stones

Roots Rock

Upbeat, light-hearted Canadian roots-rock. Dave will be backed up by his quartet, the Precious Stones.

Living on a river where everyone drowns. 

Dave Russell has been a full-time musician in the most economically striven cities in Canada; Windsor, Ontario, for the past decade.  Through the years he has been in numerous bands, but has always stayed true to his blue-collar, solo, singer-songwriter career as a conduit for his thoughts and feelings towards the past, love, loss, the present and the future.

Hoping better days are south-bound

Windsor, the place where Dave chooses to live and work, is the star of his new self-titled record.  Written and recorded in the Rose City, the grit and hard-edges can be felt more clearly on this record, than on Dave’s previous releases.

If you stay the course, you’ll wear the crown

Dave can be found almost nightly in and around Windsor playing live in pubs and cafes.  He has toured throughout Canada and plans to do more touring in the future.

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