Eamon McGrath

folk / indie rock / sad music you can party to

With over 300 songs written and recorded, album of the year credits, and multiple continent-spanning tours, Eamon McGrath has developed a body of work that could rival that of any artist 15 years his senior.

Prolific Canadian songwriter Eamon McGrath follows up last year’s critically acclaimed Tantramar album with Guts, his seventh record in what is becoming a landmark outpouring of work from the thirty-year old Toronto based musician. In an exploration that began with Tantramar, McGrath expands on that album’s dark, introspective and atmospheric musical landscape that many call “Canadiana”: Americana’s darker, colder, Northern cousin. “I’m not interested in basing a career around the act of drunkenly jumping around onstage anymore. In all my years of touring,” McGrath reflects, “I remember the quiet, acoustic, intimate shows more than anything. Playing in a great-sounding hall in Innsbruck has stuck out to me more in the long run than any sweaty basement show in Vancouver.”

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