Mike Galbraith

Singer Songwriter

As a songwriter, Detroit’s Mike Galbraith owes as much to the Replacements as he does Bob Dylan, to Nirvana as much as Neil Young, to Calvin and Hobbes as Ernest Hemingway. Simple truths and insightful storytelling mark modern tales, oft beset by booze and heartbreak. No fat. No feathers.


“Where Mike’s writing shines is when he is standing there in butt naked vulnerability exposing darkness with a voice unafraid to make mistakes in vivid and colourful storytelling. Songs that actually allow us to see the song like a short film—like the same genius imagery of Springsteen, when the screen door slams and Mary’s dress sways. Like that. Galbraith’s writing is laden with visual imagery at every turn, in every song.” — Mary Byrnes, No More Free Drinks




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