The Bishop Boys

Singer Songwriter Duo

Jazz & R&B to Indie & Folk - love, heartbreak, and carefree summer vibes

“The Bishop Boys are a singer/song-writer duo from Windsor, Ontario. With a wide range of influences from jazz and R&B to indie and folk, the pair brings an eclectic sound to the stage that is bound to turn heads. Although they have been writing together for almost 5 years, they have only recently decided to start recording their debut LP – projected to be released in Fall 2018. Two core members of the local jazz group, the Coffee House Combo, the pair brings with them a wealth of performance experience as well as a comprehensive knowledge of harmony to this new project. Their thoughtful, introspective lyrics give the music a sense of maturity, creating narratives on themes of love, heartbreak, and carefree summer vibes. Like their lyrics, their distinctive sound – characterized by a nostalgic instrumentation of organ/keyboard, horns, guitars, bass, and drums – exudes a feeling of warmth, reminiscent of bands like Chicago and the Band. Joined by the musicians of the Coffee House Combo, The Bishop Boys bring an energetic, well-rehearsed musical experience to the stage with the aim of being irresistibly danceable and connecting with audiences.”

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