The Vaudevillian

1920's Ragtime Trio

The Vaudevillian puts on is most certain to be a hootenanny.

The Vaudevillian requires you to shine your ol’ dancin’ shoes as when you get to the gin mills, there are sure to be hoofers and trotters and all folk will be struttin’ across the floor doing the newest dances they got out, most commonly the skoodle-um-skoo!

This 1920’s trio has climbed back down the rickety, creaking staircase from the dusty attic and brings to you old, hidden tunes and numbers from out of a gramophone spiraling right into the soles of their worn down boots. Everyone is sure to get off their doggone caboose as the band scrubs the washboard, slaps the bass, flips the guitar and plays their kazoos and car-horns. They are known for their rare portrayal of the Roaring 20’s and Dirty 30’s, when prohibition had just come to an end.


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