The Windsor Youth Fiddlers

Fiddlers, Mandolin Pickers and Guitarists

Essex County's next generation of unplugged musicians

The Windsor Youth Fiddlers are an exciting and impressive group of talented and dedicated young musicians from Windsor Ontario and the surrounding communities of Essex County.   These up and coming fiddlers, mandolin pickers and guitarists range in age from ten to twenty two and perform the traditional jigs, marches, reels, strathspeys and slow airs that are the unique heritage of Highland Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton Island.  The group will be joined by their director and teacher Kenneth MacLeod and pianist Susan Tracey. Audience members are invited  to participate in this interactive performance and are encouraged  to get up and DANCE to this timeless music that has survived for centuries for good reason!  Experienced dancers familiar with traditional square dancing will be on site to help get you up and moving to the music of Essex County’s next generation of unplugged musicians.

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