Years of Ernest

Indie Folk/Rock

Years of Ernest are masters of infectious music. Attending only one of their shows will leave you humming their music long after the night is over. Individually, members of "Years" are incredible song writers and musicians, who know how to layer their respective parts of their original material to fill the ear, and blanket the mind with melodies of gossamer and lyrics of sinew. 

Based in South Western Ontario and influenced heavily by connections to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Years of Ernest fuse elements of storytelling folk and harmony with rock’s driving ferocity and reckless abandon. The 2015 release of their second album, “At Risk” captures both tenacity and breadth in writing style, performance, arrangement and production that parallels what fans and supporters have come to expect from this band. There is an attitude and interplay between parts and tracks that challenges the trend of individualized pop stars and isolated songs or sound bites, and insists that albums can still exist with an overarching character and music is still at its best when a band is a cohesive unit with a shared vision. Years of Ernest can be found chugging along various stretches of the Trans Canada, sweating on a stage, working in the studio or in the technical universe of the internet.

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