Past Performers 2018

The following was from the lineup from the 5th Annual Pelee Island Music Festival, held on August 4th and 5th of 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018

1:30 - 2:15Emily Rose
2:30 - 3:15Diane Motel
3:30 - 4:15Abigail Lapell
4:30 - 5:15Huttch
5:30 - 6:15Max Marshall & Swanee
6:30 - 7:15The Kerouacs
7:30 - 9 :00Ron Leary
9:00 - 10:30The Sadies

Sunday, August 5, 2018

1:30 - 2:15Song Writers Circle
2:30 - 3:15Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies
3:30 - 4:15Evan & John
4:30 - 5:15James OL and the Villians
5:30 - 6:15 Karen Morand and Bosco
6:30 - 6:15The Bishop Boys
7:30 - 9:00The Vaudvillian
9:00 - 10:30Fred Eaglsmith


Emily Rose is an award-winning singer/songwriter and poet from Detroit, Michigan. Her work has been described as sincere, deliberate, and clever. She has released two full length studio albums, Cocoon Stew (09) and Porchlight Tragical (11) and published one book of poetry, Cemetery Tea Party. Rose is set to release her next studio album in 2018.


Diane motel is an alt-folk band out of Windsor, ON which blends soulful harmonies with insightful lyrics to deliver a sound familiar, yet original all the same. Made up of some of Windsor’s most seasoned songwriters, they seamlessly integrate multiple voices and genres into a cohesive, hearty blend of country-infused folk-rock.


Toronto folk noir songwriter Abigail Lapell draws from roots, indie and punk rock traditions. Hailed as an artist to watch by NOW Magazine, she’s toured across North America and Europe, performing on vocals, piano, harmonica and fingerstyle guitar. Closer to home, she’s completed tours by bicycle, canoe and train. Lapell won the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year and the 2016 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award from the Ontario Arts Council. Her new album, Hide Nor Hair, is out now on Coax Records.


Rock ‘ roll is a tired old friend, limping along with a weak knee. With the grandparents still touring, the parents reforming and the adolescents swimming in a pool of mediocrity, its essence seems to have lost its way. Thanks then, for the arrival of Huttch, the ambitious rock trio from Windsor Ontario. Weaned on 70’s grooves, Sebastian, Robbie, and Zack manage to reference the past, while giving a nod to the future. The infectious rock boogie, mixed with classic rock and slow jams, makes the perfect formula. This is authenticity at its best. Seeing these guys live is an entirely different matter. Their fervent energy is palpable, and they won’t let you go, until they are sure you have had enough. And it is never enough. You will leave a Huttch show with a carefree swagger you didn’t know you had.  And don’t be surprised if you start air drumming for no particular reason.


Both  Max and Swanee hailing originally from Windsor Walkerville but 25 years apart. Lifetime family friends. They both earned a deep respect for Roots Country Blues, Rag, and songs long before their time. Max has been extremely well received, touring extensively though Europe and Eastern Canada. His clever lyrics and endless energy command the crowd. “Swanee” residing in Banff for almost 40 years has made music/entertainment his life. Performing harmonica, bass, singing, recording, carrying on and happy to be this side of the grass.


The Kerouacs are a touring rock and roll band from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Formed in 2012, the band has been steadily garnering excitement across the country due to a simple formula that they follow without compromise; work hard and write honestly. In an industry festering with trends and fads competing desperately for attention, the band’s forthright approach to music is precisely what sets them apart.

No strangers to the road, the Kerouacs have toured Canada extensively including an 80 show 4-month haul that saw them reach audiences in every corner of the country. They’ve supported some of Canada’s most celebrated and respected acts including but not limited to The Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, The Glorious Sons, The Current Swell, The Sadies etc.



Ontario-based singer/songwriter Ron Leary is a captivating performer who’s sarcastic and self-effacing tone will have you laughing boisterously one second and then wondering if you should have the next. It’s usually his voice that people talk about the most, one that’s been compared to “an old bottle of whiskey – warm, with a little bite and a velvety finish.”


The essence of The Sadies’ story is in many summed up with the powerful image of the aurora borealis adorning the cover of their latest album, Northern Passages. Ever since the quartet comprised of singer/guitarists Dallas and Travis Good, bassist Sean Dean and drummer Mike Belitsky first arrived on the North American scene 20 years ago, their music has never been less than awe-inspiring, with no further embellishment necessary.

As the light swirled with each album The Sadies have made, the overall picture took on more defined colours. On top of that was the incredible list of collaborations—Neko Case, R&B legend Andre Williams, The Mekons’ Jon Langford, Jon Spencer, Robyn Hitchcock, John Doe, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Gord Downie, Neil Young for fuck’s sake!—each one pushing The Sadies’ own sound into new, unmapped territory. Eventually, more time was taken in between albums as focus shifted to their original songwriting, and what was once the best live band in Canada became the best band in Canada, period.

Is it fair then to call Northern Passages their masterpiece? Yes, at least until the next album comes along. Recorded in the basement of Dallas and Travis’ parents’ home north of Toronto over the winter of 2015, the familiar surroundings and lack of distractions resulted in a consistent feel, despite the eclecticism at the heart of The Sadies’ sound. The psych-folk flourishes on tracks such as “Riverview Fog” are no mere homage; this is the sound of our inscrutable world, and how we manage to survive in it.


Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies are an award-winning six-piece folk-pop band formed in London, Ontario who currently resides in Toronto ON. Their quirky songs will tug at your heartstrings with themes of love and loss, and tickle your imagination with mad kings, super-villains, and literary lovers. Wielding anything from ukuleles to glockenspiels, they are sure to entertain all of your whimsical fantasies and put words in your mouth to sing along. Pursuit of Happiness frontman Moe Berg, says “The Creepy Crawlies are the real deal!” Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies currently are currently creating new music, and consist of Olivia Borkosky, Chris Denise, Aurora Evans, Connor Grieve, Trevor Dubois, and Kelly Samuel.


Evan & John are an indie-folk duo from Sarnia, Ontario, featuring guitarists and singers Evan Dawe and John Pilat. With influences such as Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel and The Milk Carton Kids, their music focuses on tight, complex harmonies, paired with entwined guitar playing, combining into one voice.

Since forming in early 2017 Evan & John have played numerous shows across southern Ontario and have opened for well-known acts, such as The Wilderness of Manitoba, Frank Deresti and The Lake Effect, and Max Marshall.

Evan & John self-released their first EP in early 2017, called “Friday”, which was recorded off the floor at the Cheeky Monkey Record Store in Sarnia, ON, in May 2017. In January 2018, they self-released a new EP titled “Little Songs”.


Heartland rock ‘n roll straight from Windsor, Ontario.  This five-piece brims with a singular mix of alt-country harmonies, soul-bearing folk and roots-oriented rock. Based on the melodic songwriting of singer James O-L and backed up by the solid musicianship of The Villains, their homegrown sound sits somewhere between hard-edged folk-rock and classic 90’s alternative.


Songwriter Karen Morand delivers her home-cooked songs with warm vocals simmering with heart and home. Tucking tender lyrics snugly within comforting, playful melodies, Karen radiates with energy in live performance both solo and when accompanied by BOSCO, her acoustic trio (featuring Benny Santoro on percussion and Aaron Verhulst on guitar and mandolin). Karen’s songs celebrate the joys and sorrows of real-life with confidence, encouragement and love as its foundation.


“The Bishop Boys are a singer/songwriter duo from Windsor, Ontario. With a wide range of influences from jazz and R&B to indie and folk, the pair brings an eclectic sound to the stage that is bound to turn heads. Although they have been writing together for almost 5 years, they have only recently decided to start recording their debut LP – projected to be released in Fall 2018. Two core members of the local jazz group, the Coffee House Combo, the pair brings with them a wealth of performance experience as well as a comprehensive knowledge of harmony to this new project. Their thoughtful, introspective lyrics give the music a sense of maturity, creating narratives on themes of love, heartbreak, and carefree summer vibes. Like their lyrics, their distinctive sound – characterized by a nostalgic instrumentation of organ/keyboard, horns, guitars, bass, and drums – exudes a feeling of warmth, reminiscent of bands like Chicago and the Band. Joined by the musicians of the Coffee House Combo, The Bishop Boys bring an energetic, well-rehearsed musical experience to the stage with the aim of being irresistibly danceable and connecting with audiences.”


The Vaudevillian requires you to shine your ol’ dancin’ shoes as when you get to the gin mills, there are sure to be hoofers and trotters and all folk will be struttin’ across the floor doing the newest dances they got out, most commonly the skoodle-um-skoo!

This 1920’s trio has climbed back down the rickety, creaking staircase from the dusty attic and brings to you old, hidden tunes and numbers from out of a gramophone spiraling right into the soles of their worn down boots. Everyone is sure to get off their doggone caboose as the band scrubs the washboard, slaps the bass, flips the guitar and plays their kazoos and car-horns. They are known for their rare portrayal of the Roaring 20’s and Dirty 30’s, when prohibition had just come to an end.


Fred Eaglesmith can talk to you about almost anything. Chances are, he’s had that car, tractor, job, relationship, idea, and hat. But throughout his life and experiences there is always one thing that has remained the same: his undeniable gift for writing a song. Aspiring songwriters and performers of all ages call and write Fred with questions on how to have a career like his. And what can he say? Start writing songs when you’re 10 years old. Grow up with poverty, agriculture, religion, and eight siblings. Run away from home. Hop freight trains. Start a business. Loose a business. Struggle to get any gig. Drive to Nashville with no money and pockets full of songs. Get a record deal. Lose a record deal. Win a Juno Award. Break down on the side of the road everyday for days on end. Become a cult hero and amass a following of self-proclaimed “Fred Heads.” Tour relentlessly. Become everyone’s favorite. Becomes nobody’s favorite. Follow your gut. Smarten up. Don’t care what anybody thinks. Be fair. Be loyal no matter what. Keep going. Soften up. Give people a break. Expect nothing. Give everything. Keep going. Allow yourself to be happy. Find out who you are and deal with that. Don’t stay in fancy hotels. Write good songs.